Datum: Data base of future

Datum network is a Blockchain based system which allows users to store all of their data in a decentralized way on Blockchain. This will take data security and privacy to a whole new level as customers will be able to decide who can look into their data and thereby allow or deny access to their personal data.

Data privacy and Blockchain

In today’s world, a few bits and bytes of data may hold the keys to biggest banks in the world. The power of digital data is undeniably massive. Any breach of the personal user information available in the company databases could have disastrous outcomes. So are the current techniques sufficient to preserve our precious data? Blockchain is one of the most secure ways to store data today with no possibility of data corruption or an illegal access to your data. Moreover, knowingly or unknowingly when we avail free services like Facebook, Instagram and Gmail we give all our personal data to these websites with all the reading rights. Your email data is being read by the Gmail computers to give you better-suited advertisements by Google. Similarly, other websites hold rights to read your data for security and monetary purposes. Feeling insecure yet? Datum comes with a simple solution, why not store all such similar data on Blockchain and not in company databases? In this way, general public can have control over who can see their data and simultaneously store it in one of the best data storage technologies today.

General public creates a lot of habitual data from regular emails and other social media available for free now. Instead of providing all such data to the websites to store and read through, why not monetize your precious personal data? Despite a lot of monetization of data today, the only ones who don’t get paid in the whole system are the data creators, the common public. Your personal data that is openly provided to public websites is worth a lot of money and Datum comes with an opportunity to monetize all the data you produce. Users can decide and accordingly give or take away access to their data from anyone based on their discretion. This will take away the data brokers from the data market who get paid for selling public data without giving any monetary benefit to the data creators.

Datum Client

Datum Client is the name given to the data control application offered by Datum to all its users to personalize and manage their data. Datum client will first come as an android and iOS application and then, on other platforms. The application is a fully-fledged tool to provide users an absolute control over their data and the money earned from that data. Some of the features that datum client offers are:

• Overview of the data stored on the Datum Blockchain.

• The DAT tokens earned by selling of the data on the network

• A completely user-friendly application that abstracts all the technical background of the application so that application can be used by the public with no technical background.

Data Transparency

When on Datum Blockchain, you are the absolute controller of your data. Not even Datum has access to your data unless permitted by the user. Full transparency means that at all times the users will know what service is using or has requested for their data and accordingly respond to the request.

With the world shifting for new and secure methods to store data Datum is a great platform to secure and manage your personal data which simultaneously provides its users with an opportunity to earn rightfully from the regular habitual data produced by them.

To know more about this revolutionary project Visit:
Website: https://datum.org/
 Bitcointalk ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2049312.0

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