Video Game Music that I love

It struck me recently that I listen to a lot of music from video games, especially while working. At first I dismissed video game music as a lower genre, but as time passes, I listen more and more to it. I think a part of the attraction is that video game music is usually written with the idea of accompanying the action, rather than being the action. This makes great music to focus. That said, do not think that all these songs are not strong on their own, some of them are amongst my favorites of all time, and I put them on the family sound system a lot so that my kids can dance to them.

So here is a quick tour of what I listen very often.

The Hotline Miami Soundtrack is superb. Especially M.O.O.N — Hydrogen

I think that a good part of the pleasure to play the iOS game Duet comes from its music. I am especially found of the melody introduced around 20 seconds into NAY.

I did not play a lot of Nuclear Throne, but the soundtrack really stuck with me.

Another twitch gameplay on iOS, Pivvot (by @wtrebella) has an awesome soundtrack. Twitch gameplays, based on your reaction time, really work well with abstract electronic music.

Another iOS game, Sword & Sorcery. I found the game quite boring (I could totall call this an hipster game: It’s cool because it’s “edgy”), but the music kept me coming back. “Prettiest weeds” is such an awesome title.

On the “not-edgy-at-all” front, this philharmonic interpretation of some of Zelda themes, that came as a bonus CD with my copy of Skyward Sword, is really great, especially the Gerudo Valley theme. Also, if you played some of these games, the various medleys will send you back in these wonderful, epic moments of discovery. The first one definitely makes me an 8 year old again.

This track from the first Diablo game is still one of my favorite. I remember letting the demo run (on my Pentium 1.33 GHz) for hours just to have the music in background.

And finally a quick word about “extreme” sports games: they often have awesome soundtrack. I still remember vividly the first time that I played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 around 2001. It was one of the first game featuring “real adult” music, and I loved it so much for that (and the awesome gameplay). No to mention that it introduced me to a set of great bands that I have listened a lot afterwards. Obviously, having the same songs in repeat for hours as a background in a game did help these songs to stay ingrained forever in my brain.

The other sports game that had this effect on me was SSX3 with a really great soundtrack too.

So, that’s it, have fun listening!

P.S.: one day, I’ll write another video game just to feature my friend Vincent’s music (AKA DJ Crontab Madz Songz):

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