Software ‘Rut’ Culture

Putting down some thoughts on a generally found non-business-friendly software sub-culture that originates with one person, then starts affecting others, and in no time consumes the entire team turning it into a rut, a vicious “us vs them” pit that ultimately stalls progress. This is my trite message to the managers/directors of such teams. I am hoping this will connect with folks who grok both the development and business pain points.


It’s a rut. The mindset.
Tactical hell for the ones in it, cowardly sneaking to lay down the net.
They cling to each other for validation.
The world outside to them is stupid and moronic.
Any challenge to their world view is discreditly ironic.
You are either in the game or an outsider who is ‘one of them’ — the stupid management.
Their greatest strength is their biggest weakness — the combustible intellect, and its constant need to vent.
Ego’s too fragile.
Any question or challenge to their status quo results in a weaselly verbal vile.
Their power lies in the group think.
Alone, they are sissies, and they hide their true intent.
Let the group act and dominate together, and you encounter the ugliness unleashed without relent.
It’s a pity.
Their outlook to life seldom shallow and shitty.
They lack originality in their thoughts and actions, with their views and values seldom changing with trends.
Do not try. They will never be your friends.


You better avoid the rut, don’t mingle, and do not trespass.
Always look down from a distance, and stick to the higher narrative.
Keep your class.
Don’t play the game by their rules. Watch out for the baits — they always want to bring you down to the mud.
Sense the ridicule the group shares and communicates silently. You feel it in your gut.
Enjoy the rut like a show from a distant stand.
It becomes a lot of fun as you witness the predictable stunts.
Stick to your guns.
The outsider that they do not understand.
Be consistent in your stance.
Embrace the detachment, stay amused by these kinks.
Ignore the battles, else everybody sinks.
Be aware of your higher strategy and side step the bins.
Win the war, everybody wins.

Professional at handling complexity. Coder by passion.

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