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Madoff’s game : new gambling dapp on Tron

We present you Madoff's game

Madoff’s game is a Tron gambling dapp where new player try to win the jackpot.
While losing players win new players money.

With this game you sure to win money !
The only question is : HOW MUCH ?

How it works:

In this game when the countdown reaches 0: the last person to buy a share wins 80% of the jackpot.

Each time a new player buy a share the countdown get reset, this player is now “on the clock” and the jackpot get increase by 40% of the share price.

The rest of the share price is split among previous players.

So when a player purchase a share a became “on the clock” and one of the two following things can happen:

  • if no player bet before the countdown end then he win most of the jackpot (80%) and game session end.
  • if someone bet before countdown end he lose but he earn a part of new players bets until game session end.

This is a 14 levels game: each time the jackpot reach a certain amount game goes into next level.

For each new level the countdown max time decrease and price per share increase.

You have a board listing the steps bellow :

When the countdown reaches 0: the last person to buy a share wins 80% of the jackpot.

The rest: 20%, is split equally among all shareholders.

Each time a new share is purchased, 50% of the share price is split equally among all previous players.

You can withdraw your winning at anytime and as much as you want.

Understand their is no guaranteed return: your earnings depend on how much shares will be purchase after you.

An estimated projection of how much you could win depending on when you buy your shares is available bellow :

Once a player win the jackpot, any player can buy one or mulitple shares, this will launch a new game session.

When a new game session is launch all shares get reset but contract keep player earnings until player withdraw it.

How to play:

  • Grab some tron on your favorite exchange, or use some you already own.
  • Install tronlink extension in your chrome browser and create a new wallet (of course you can use an existing wallet if you already get one).
  • Go to and make sure Tronlink is unlocked and connected to tron mainnet.
  • Enter the share number you want to buy, and click on the “BUY SHARES” button.
  • Confirm you transaction with the tronlink popup.

Congrats game is on.


Do not lose your Tronlink (or wallet) key it is the only way the contract identify you.

It is very important to conserve access to your betting address it is the only way the contract identify you as earnings owner and allow you to withdraw it.
No matter what, your earnings are always link to your betting address by the contract.
Nor we nor anybody have a way to intervene in the contract : if you lose your key you lose the access to your earnings and we cannot do anything about it.

The contract is the only law here.

If you have any feedback or question about this game please drop a reply in our Bitcointalk topic here.

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