Located at the bottom tip of the earth, Ushuaia is considered the southern most city in the world. The surrounding region is named Tierra del Fuego — Land of Fire. When Magellan the explorer first discovered these native American lands he found a local population of tall people which he called the “Patagones” and thus it was dubbed Patagonia or “Land of the Big Feet”.

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After landing from a 3.5 …

The beautiful architecture and rich history of Buenos Aires combine with its Spanish and Italian heritage into an exciting mix of urban sprawl and period architecture that mimics the capitals of Europe.

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We arrived to BA by ferry from Uruguay and stayed in a central located trendy neighbourhood called Palermo. Taking a walking tour, we got to explore the city, see the sights and hear about the fascinating history of Argentina.

9 de Julio Avenue — The widest avenue in the world. Eva Perón mural in the background

Located just a 40 minute drive from the Brazilian border, Punta del Diablo (Devil’s Point) is a cute seaside fishing village with a chilled out vibe. Relax during the day and drink cocktails in the sun from one the many beach stands. Then by night explore the windy streets or buy cheap freshly caught seafood to cook at home, on a traditional Uruguayan wood coal BBQ.

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Border Crossing

We took a night bus from Florianópolis in Brazil and arrived at the border crossing around 4am. …

Just a 1 hour flight from the vibrant sounds of Rio and Carnival is an endless unspoiled sub tropical rainforest, rare and deadly fauna and wondrous hikes. Tabuleiro with the largest waterfall in the state of Minas Gerais (General Mines) and its sprawling capital Belo Horizonte (Beautiful Horizon) deliver a unique off the beaten track experience.

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As you drive through the hills towards Tabuleiro you start to see amazing rock formations and the vibrant orange cliffs of the famous waterfall in the distance.

From its colonial and tribal mixed roots, through modernisation and into becoming a sporting powerhouse; Rio de Janeiro is the heart of Brazil.

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The view out of the window of the plane as you land in Santos Dumont Airport in Rio is spectacular. Rio surrounds the huge Guanabara bay and is punctuated by unusually tall hills and sprawling Favelas.

Cobbled stone streets, vibrant music, great food, nice beaches and waterfall hikes; Trinidad has it all.

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We took a shared mini bus from Viñales to Trinidad via a change in the outskirts of Havana. After locating an available Casa, which entails walking door to door asking if anyone has a room, we dropped our bags and met up with Katie and Virgil again for a night out on the town.

After a day of lying by the beach, we all decided to go for a Jungle Waterfall hike.

Just a few hours from the hectic bustle of Havana, nestled amongst giant limestone cliffs we found the small agricultural town of Viñales.

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Travel through time to a strange mix of 1950’s American cars and post apocalyptic Cold War ruins. Drink mojitos and experience a different perspective on the latin revolutionaries.

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On our first night in Havana it poured with rain and the street traffic retreated to the sidewalk to wait it out. We had some Mojitos at the famous Inglaterra hotel and caught a live band while watching the pedestrians.

Azure water, white sands, octopus tacos, mayan ruins and fresh water cenotes. Tulum calls. If not now. When?

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Ancient temples, local culture and Dia de los Muertos in the heart of the Yucatán!

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Unfortunately we arrived on the last day of Festivities but managed to catch this Dia de los Muertos dance in the town square.

Madhava Jay

Full Stack & Mobile Developer, Amateur Photographer; ML/AI Wanna Be!

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