Beimani to Imani — A trip down to Honesty

In life, people start making money. In no time, money starts “faking” people. Honesty has been alienated. Gone are the days when it doesn’t make sense to show 90k House Rent to IT Dept when you pay only 30k. Today, it doesn’t make sense to show 30k rent when you can stay out of trouble showing upto 90k! Mind says, “Just think about all that you can buy with the extra money!” Conscience has no space to talk. I’m sure few of us can relate to this.

Generally people evade tax for three main reasons:

  1. Personal gain
  2. Security or Providing family
  3. Trend — Everyone does it!

Extra money always feels good. Want to feel much better? Try giving it up. Try honesty for a change. People forgot the taste or haven’t tasted honesty. The strength you get, the joy. You don’t get it when you buy something with the extra money. “Not true. I’m happy with the little joy I get from the extra money”. Where is the temper to experience something different! Evolution has always pushed us towards something bigger and better. Evolve out of dishonesty.

Save tax, but in an honest way. How can we feed our family with a money diseased with dishonesty? Today a country with so many diversities, such powerful history, so many values is suffering from this disease of dishonesty. A plague, I tell you. A dirty dangerous plague. We do not want corruption, we do not want dishonest political parties, we do not want dishonest leaders, but we are allowed to be dishonest! We debate of how efficient Modiji’s demonetisation is! Yet we need a “Carrot and Stick” to bring us out of dishonesty.

It is alright to store for our future. But it soon turns into an obsession leaving us bound to it. Our security is our usability. How useful we are to others. Millionaires have fallen to the ground selling buns and bread on the streets. True stories! Money is not the security we give our family. Values are. Money binds us. Holds us prisoners. That is why it is said, donate 5% of your income to charity. Charity brings you freedom from the binds of money. Here’s an organisation I trust in. It has a global impact in its humanitarian activities. ​​ Contact me for more details.

There are people who lead. There are others who shy away and follow suit. We need both kinds of people. Today, our society is with leaders who take pride in how much money they can stash away, while honest people shy away. Apathy of good people has led us to this state. All we have to do is take one step out. One step out and say no I will not be dishonest, come what may! Together we must fight against dishonesty. It is not a fight against people, it is a fight within each one of us. We fight our tendencies that bind us to small joy in short term! I have utter faith that this is an easy war to win. Late Ex-President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam stood for honesty. We have several examples of his honesty doing rounds on the internet. It is time we take his example and follow his footsteps.