Working super mom or SAHM (Stay at home mom)

Year 2016, grappling with work life balance , struggling with health issues at home and no time to stop and smell the flowers.12 years in IT industry , working across various domains , teams, multiple challenges..sometimes it just hits it worth it? Yes , I felt great being successful in my career, being appreciated, being challenged..

For all the great strides I mades in my career, somewhere I felt that my kids were being shortchanged, I was being short changed.

Introspection time… Whats my priority? What do I want to do in my life next? Am I happy?

My priority was my health, my family , my creativity..

So , I decided to take a break and explore other avenues and look back with no regrets..

2017 arrives and starts a new chapter of my life.I dedicate the year to wellness, happiness and peace of mind(WHP).I have no idea how the year will unfold and will I find the balance I am looking for?For the first time in life, I am on an unknown path.

The first thing to do when on an unknown path? Open Amazon Prime and watch something- all alone.Tried hard to introspect while watching Seinfield..realized that I can only get laughter out of it, not some deep insight.

Next step, open Evernote to make a list.

Start with Wellness — the list goes on as -

  • a slimmer , fitter me
  • stress free and healthy gut hubby
  • healthier and happier kids
  • a nutritious diet routine


  • spend more time with family and parents
  • more dates with hubby dear
  • fun routines with kiddos
  • more travel
  • become a better driver and improve my direction sense ( it’s a family joke that I can lose my way even at home…)
  • creative quests — writing, art and craft, learn new recipes (maybe launch a blog on forgotten recipes)
  • connect with old friends and family

Hopefully the above will lead to Peace of my mind and those around me!

“Walking down an unknown path
not knowing where I will be
Wearing a smile on my face
the world I am ready to face
Hoping to find myself
hoping to find happiness
Watching the smiles of my dear ones
creating fond memories and saving them in a jar
Watch as life goes by
hoping that in the end it will be worth all
Walking down the unknown path
to find the path to happiness!”
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