The Misfortunes of a Blissful Life

Unless life hasn’t taught you a lesson yet, you would know about the inevitable Nature’s Equilibrium. How every bad act is balanced by a good one. How the weight of our charity is balanced by the amount we receive in life. Like night follows a day, the world always balances itself. Similarly, the events that take place in our life also get balanced. Happiness by sadness, loss by gain and peace by chaos. This golden rule is accurate. And always works. The time taken to attain this stability might vary. But the equilibrium is always achieved.

Happiness is everything and the only thing that everyone wants to have. But when bliss becomes a habit, it becomes very hard to function properly in misery. Happiness is an ephemeral feeling. Because one day or the other the sorrows will come to settle it out. That is why we should embrace every phase in our lives with the same dignity and presence of mind. Knowing that nothing will last forever, neither joy nor distress.

Most people can make sane decisions in their comfort zones, but a fine man is one, whose senses are in his control even in the hour of melancholy.

Those who have always lived a life of ecstasy and have never ever seen the face gloom are the most unfortunate of all. Because when their life evens out in later stages, their breakout is the worst. Since they have never seen the adversities in life, they don’t know how to deal with it.

Hardships teach us how to pick ourselves up when we’ve fallen down. Only a person who knows how brief every comfort in life is, can overcome grief and delight with same confidence and emerge to be an epitome for the rest of the world.

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