30 life lessons on turning 30

  1. Karma does exist. Whatever you do, good or bad, it does come back to you. Not in another life. Here in the same life. Not now. Maybe later. But it does come back to you. Sooner or later.
  2. The only way of living a life with no regrets is by being utterly honest with yourself and others. At all times.
  3. Your own happiness comes first. Health and happiness is all you got to look after. Everything else is secondary.
  4. You cannot be happy and not hurt someone at the same time. Don’t let that stop you in pursuing your own happiness.
  5. All comparisons with others are completely pointless.
  6. Strive not to repeat your mistakes. Remember the misery you went through and let that hold you back in committing it again.
  7. Anytime an easy but “wrong” path comes along, pause. Think it through.
  8. Make monthly/weekly bucket list. Don’t postpone life.
  9. Feel truly blessed with the fact that so many people love you. Reciprocate. Call them often. Call them before they do. Be it friends, family, acquaintances.
  10. Learn the art of storytelling. Experience. Recite. Listen. Retell.
  11. Develop new friendships in your current life outside of your existing friends circle. Deeper relationships.
  12. Make friends with strangers and connect with them often.
  13. Travel.
  14. Pursue something outside of work: a sport, an activity that can fill your time.
  15. Read.
  16. Get very comfortable at conversations.
  17. Don’t ignore your sex life. But don’t let it blind you.
  18. Don’t wait for one area of life to improve before taking action in improving another.
  19. No matter the situation, if you’re not learning and growing, you are not doing meaningful work.
  20. Take stock of situation more frequently. Don’t wait for months to pass by before analyzing what’s wrong, what’s not working. Look at concrete results.
  21. Deliver what you promise. Don’t be a blocker.
  22. Maintain basic work ethic and “hygiene” at work.
  23. There’s never an excuse for not performing at your highest level. Even at jobs you don’t like. Even at jobs which are temporary.
  24. Don’t seek approval. Don’t wait for permission. Don’t collect validations.
  25. Do what you want. Not what will make someone else happy. Don’t be a people pleaser. Err on the side of being an asshole.
  26. Forgive others and yourself. Start anew everyday.
  27. Saying no is harder than you think. Saying no is the only way you’ll go further and faster.
  28. Stretch yourself just a little bit in every aspect of life that is important to you. Enough to push you outside your comfort zone but not too far out to block you completely from making progress. Making progress is the best form of motivation.
  29. Do things that excite you. Work with people that inspire you. Hang out with people that make you happy.
  30. It’s easy to write down a list like this, but incredibly hard to follow even a few tenets to the core. Practice. Inculcate habits. That’s the only way to get past existing barriers.