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The One Thing That You Need to Change in 2022

Focus more on Finishing what you start than on Planning and Setting New Goals.

Do you know what is the most common factor that differentiates most of us from our future leaders? Take a guess. Knowledge, No. Hard work, Maybe. Planning, Nope.

It is their ability to finish what they start and our ability to simply invest (or waste) time doing planning hoping to get somewhere.

With the dawn of 2022 in sight, most of us if not all of us will do one thing for certain. Make New year's resolutions. Does that ring any bell for you? I am sure, this year too we will do the same in the quest to make 2022 better than 2021. And, I completely endorse this idea. In fact, I highly encourage everyone to have a list of things to achieve for themselves. It does not matter how small or big your list is. Don’t get embarrassed by comparing your target with anyone from your circle. Because everyone is different and what is relevant to you may not be relevant to others. The cardinal thing is to have something in place. Something that you truly believe in. Something that is really close to you. Something that is doable in the given time frame.

Since goal setting is the most important step, then why our 2021 list was not very different from 2020 or for that matter to its previous years. Multiple studies have shown that most of us make the same set of goals every year. Goals like eating healthy food, exercising regularly, quitting smoking, earning more money, learning photography, or some other creative skills are repeated year over year. You will be amazed to see how similar the contents of both the columns look from the table below that lists the most popular goals for 2020 and 2021.

This is not just about the new year’s goal, it is true with any of our regular mid-year or daily targets.

Delving further into the numbers. Strava revealed through research back in 2020 that January 19th, 2020 is the day when people are most likely to give up on their New Year’s fitness resolution. And they called it Quitters Day. A similar theory can be applied to non fitness goals as well. Where people are giving up in between their journey to achieve their goals. Why do you think our goals are not achieved? Why do you think your favorite influencer from Instagram is able to finish his checklist and not you? Is Quitters day not for them?

The answer lies in the fact that we just plan on achieving things from our list whereas they focus more on getting it done. They develop and internalize a habit and channel all their energy into achieving it. Whereas, we spend our energy just hoping and wishing about the final goal without taking zero to no effort in actually doing it. That is a recipe for set back.

A plan without implementation is nothing more than imaginary thought written on a piece of paper. No implementation will eat away the possibility of having any gains at all.

Having said that, does that mean just by starting implementation on your goals will make you successful in achieving those. Definitely not. For you to be able to achieve any of your targets many things have to come together. Your plan, your ability, your habits, your environment, and your timeline. But at a minimum, some sort of implementation effort will provide a way to validate the current state of your plan, habits, and environment. So that next time when you go back to the drawing board you will be aware of your shortcomings and make your plan accordingly.

Just hoping and wishing will not take you anywhere. You have to come out of your cocoon to explore and push your limits in exploring the new highs and lows about yourself. I can assure you through my personal experience that you will not lose anything. Either you will be successful and feel elated or you will learn and start again.




A software developer who is Passionate about: Self Growth, Psychology, and Financial Well Being.

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Madhav Pandey

Madhav Pandey

A software developer who is Passionate about: Self Growth, Psychology, and Financial Well Being.

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