Everything You Need to Know About Operations & Maintenance (O&M) For Residential Solar Rooftop PV System

If you have been following MYSUN closely, we have often shared why going solar for a residential consumer is both economically viable and technically feasible. In fact, we have taken several cases of cities like Delhi, Gurgaon etc to explain case by case, how going solar does not just have a positive impact on the environment but also help you start saving on your electricity bill and prove to be a fantastic investment. Here is everything a residential solar rooftop user should know about O&M.

Why should you go for O&M for your solar plant in the first place?

While you know all about what solar brings with it, what about life after you have installed the solar plant on your rooftop. As you are aware, to function to their optimum generation capacity, solar plants require a basic minimum regular maintenance. This is no more than what you would do for your car or say even your wardrobe, where every few days, you would take some time to organize and clean things. To ensure a long life and good generation, you should look to hire an O&M agency who at a nominal charge will do the maintenance of your solar plant and keep it shining. A well credentialed solar O&M partner can go a long way in helping you get high returns from your plant. A seasoned pro would be able to sense if there is something wrong with the system and raise the flag. While an individual consumer may be able to do basic cleaning himself, unless he has a sound technical understanding, preventive maintenance is not something he would be able to offer.

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