What are the career prospects after Luxury Brand Management course?

One can look back and trace how fast luxury market evolved in India in the last couple of years. The rise of urban elite Indian class has seen many international luxury giants enter the Indian market. The industry today encompasses products & services ranging from designer dresses and handmade jewelry to watches and accessories, from custom cars and premium vacation resorts to the exotic real estate. The need for individuals who can manage this upswing in this demand has led to the creation of new careers in luxury brand management.

Luxury Brand Management Course

Luxury Brand Management is a very fresh, vibrant, animated and glamorous space to be in. A course in Luxury Brand Management teaches deep understanding of the Luxury industry and its management without overlooking the social and other relevant aesthetics. Luxury is not just about a brand, it is a combination of brand’s attributes, its identity, and it’s legacy — a spectrum of all these components make a brand stand out as exclusive.

After graduation, the aspirants can pursue their career as a Luxury Brand Manager, Luxury Marketer, Luxury Shopping consultant, Luxury Store Manager, Luxury Operations, Luxury Publicity and PR or Luxury Buyer and Merchandiser. With their knowledge and skill set, candidates can potentially reach the top management levels. Students can also choose to be entrepreneurs in the domain of Luxury Brand Management. Luxury brands today, are in search of experts who can take the businesses and organizations to new heights and are looking for leaders with the excellent skill set and innovative ideas. Eventually, a successful luxury brand manager needs to pick bits from Marketing, Sales, Finance, CRM, PR, Logistics, and warehousing.


There are institutes like Pearl Academy that offers UG pathway in Global Luxury Brand Management and PG pathway in Luxury Brands . The institute takes luxury education to next level as they regularly take their students for many luxury seminars in the country and quite literally give them an experience of the luxury market through their study trips to Dubai and Italy. The institute also promises to deliver and exchange program with universities in Italy. With such a holistic learning experience one is expected to pick from the following job roles after the course -

• Sales and Luxury brand Professionals

• Luxury Brand Management

• Luxury Retail operations

• Visual Merchandisers

• Product category Specialist