Are you an Inquisitive mind or a Complacent mind?

A 70 year young man, along with his wife came to visit us after a long time.After the initial exchange of our greetings, he told me that he has been experiencing a problem with his cellphone(dual sim), where he is unable to use 4G on his mobile.When he asked me to solve the problem, he already had a couple of solutions(trying to remove the SIM, calling the operator, checking for visual indication turning it on and off). He told me what worked and what has not worked in his trail and error method of trouble shooting.

I took his cell phone, to see what the problem was, quickly figured out that in the SIM card manager settings — SIM2 was disabled and hence enabled it and quickly gave it back saying “You can use Internet now. Its working.”.

I saw that sigh of relief on his face and quickly moved on to my next task to figure out a new address location that we were supposed to go together.A complacent mind would have just proceeded with his next activity. He being in the inquisitive category, came back asking me the following:

a) What have I changed exactly in the settings b) how was the SIM disable triggered c) what is the default option d) Why is it in Grey color e)What are the most common troubleshooting steps to be taken….

I was just astonished. This is a 70 year old man. Believe me.On the same day, he saw me booking a Uber cab to a destination.He already had Ola in his phone. He said he wanted to try Uber. I just asked him to install and took a few minutes to explain Uberpool, UberGo, Payment method (Beauty of Uber )..and while coming back from that place, he said he will book it for us and he did it all by himself.

Now the entire experience was tremendously valuable to me. It taught me two important things. This is not really new,but definitely worth reminding ourselves every minute.

  1. Your Attitude: You can do anything you want to, if you believe in yourself and keep your thoughts focused on positive.Attitude is very important.Thoughts precede action, and hence that belief of “Can do” in everything you do is very important at any age. Right from instilling the belief in the infants to leading the life as an octarian…
  2. Your Inquisitiveness: Even at the age of 70, his thirst to learn new did not die. I could clearly see his appetite to learn something new every minute.We forget to ask questions in our daily hush-hush of activities and schedules and dead lines.Take some time to connect your thoughts. If our thoughts don’t change, our results don’t change too :-) Remain Inquisitive as inquisitive as a child- as curious as this Oly-oung man. Forget, Ignore -criticism, ridicule,rejection, disappointments and doubts. Keep your mental window free and clean to learn something new every day.

Thank you uncle for reminding me to remain super inquisitive every moment…

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