There are a lot of articles giving you insights on why you should work for a startup and how it will shape your future etc. Most of these are about the startup with 10+ people on board (including founders). I know, 10 is just a number, but it shows that the founders are convinced about what they are doing. Which means the team is matured, the idea is matured, people know (sort of !) their plan.

What happens when there are less than 10 people or startup is in early stage?


It is well known that you will never get…


the second version of Startup Mantra

Checkout the first version

What is your Mantra ?

Do things in your own way

You can't please everybody.

Its OK to do things in your own way.

If something goes wrong, you will figure out

If you fail doing it, you will learn

If you break it, you will fix it

If it is stupid, let it be stupid

If it is small, It will grow

No matter how small it is “Do things in your own way”

For those who are enjoying ONLY weekends.

Enjoy every moment!

What’s yours?

Startup Mantra

This is my Mantra ( originally in Hinduism and Buddhism, a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation) for startup. Share your thoughts.

Madhu G B

Programmer -

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