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Finding meaning and connection during these times of isolation and distancing

Life as it was before the breakout of the pandemic, was one in the fast lane. Lots of movement, activity, interaction, stimulation and sensory overload that seamlessly filled the emptiness within.

Until one day, the old normal was no longer a possibility. With all the usual fillers gone, there was just the painful, newly exposed vastness of space within. One that we aren’t too familiar with.

A quote that comes to my mind at this point is one that is a beautiful reassurance of the purpose of spaces.

“It’s the space between the steps that make the magic of the dance.
It’s the space between the words that make the magic of their meaning.” …

A lesson in experiencing the unadulterated life

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My love for coffee began when I was about ten years old. When I used to sneakily try my grandmom’s coffee before I coaxed her to brew me my own cup every day. I’ve always drunk my coffee strong, with a splash of foamy milk and sugar. These three ingredients became my morning staples, fueling me for the day ahead and whenever I needed a pick me up.

Ever since, my love for the beverage has grown by leaps and bounds, strengthened by repeated communion. One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to find the best cup of joe in the city that I’m visiting. …

My realizations as I trail along its meandering course

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To Love

When the skin wrinkles,
the eyesight dims and
the mind slows down,
To love then has and will always be a choice.

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When in Love

Always remember,
your love for someone
does not depend on their love for you.

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Our Capacity to Love

After a series of heartbreaks and failed relationships,
I realize that every time your heart breaks,
it grows into a size bigger when it heals. …


Madhumitha Venkatesh

Lover of the abstract. Inspired by all things urban, my pieces are meant to spark individual thought and moments of zen.

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