Social Media Will Never Ruin Our Young Generation

Most often, people are worried that our young generation is being spoiled because of the smartphone and social media.

The common statement I hear is that “The Internet has ruined the actual human interaction among young people”. But in my perspective, it’s not.

Let me explain you how?

“As technology changes, we change according. In the 70s, people read the newspaper and listen to radio, in the 80s it’s television. Now, it has turned out to be smartphones and laptop. This we call it as cultural shift”.

When speaking about the cultural shift, there exist no difference between the current generation and the previous one.

Because if the smartphone has spoiled this generation then television had also done the same in 70s. There are lot of articles are out their stating illustrating how social media is ruining our generation.

Those, who comment on this cultural shift, should also look after the advantages that smartphone is providing. The youngster can have information on their figure tips. It is such a privilege, right?

Never criticize the friends, sitting next to each other and chatting online with others. Here the smartphone is giving them a chance to avoid being dumb if they have no topics to discuss.

This tells us that technology is not responsible for the decrease in human value or interaction. It is just exposing people to what they actually are.

Besides, the social media benefits the introverts, as it connects them to outside friends online.

Parents show concern towards their children that they are not socialized with outside world. This is because they compare and judge it their grown-up days.

The children of this generation, who have no friend in their school, at least, have an opportunity to make friends outside of their taste and style.

We automatically respond and adapt to the changes in the world. But talk about how social media is ruining our generation. The problem is that majority of the people shake their heads without keen observation on themselves.

Technology never changes us, it just encourages us to the behaviour we actually wish to be. Technology can evolve only if it supports us, else it will be left unnoticed and we have many examples for that. That means, many social media emerge but only a few exists, which encourage our hidden thoughts.

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