Your Life Might Sucks If You’re Not Self-Aware

Everyone is good at something, which is nothing but their strengths. Weakness is all about the things you are not interested in learning about or finding difficult to execute it.

Never get influenced by the people, who earn a lot by doing the things you don’t like to do. If you do so, you end up with failure. You may lose money but you will be able to scale up at long run.

“How you make money matters the most than how much you make if you want to attain success”

The job is a part of life. I hope everyone agrees on this but that doesn’t mean you should take it easy. You need to figure out your likes and dislikes. In other words, know your strengths and weakness. Choose the job based on your strengths, not on weakness.

Let us say you are a graduate and you might have pursued it for various reasons. Below are few of them

· May be to fulfil your parents dream

· Not completely aware of which field to choose from

· Just for the sake of holding a degree

Any one of them might be your reason, but when it comes to your professional life, you should find out your strengths and stand on it.

There is no point of executing the things you hate most in life because the time you deserve to do that need fuck load of time and you can’t work consistently for 12 hours a day on your weakness.

For example, most of them love playing games like cricket, football, volleyball, etc. Though we get tired and sweat while playing under the sun we never stop playing just because we love it. In that case, tiredness and sweating are almost negligible.

It implies to your work life also. Therefore, you should choose your career wisely on the domain you like most. With this, you can attain success and easily stand out of the crowd because only you can play your role.