How it used to be fun?

As I sit here down my memory lane,
Some of the flashes just struck my brain.
I used to be sprited and devoid of decieve,
Just like sailor in the cold dark seas.

I remember taste of drops of rain,
And aroma of the sand and grains.
We are screaming on top of our voice,
Me unaware of arduous docile choices.

How it used to be fun?

I grow up I fall in love,
The innocence and divine, little doves.
We try to conquer this world with our dreams,
Just with our strength flowing like burning stream

How it used to be fun?

Now I look back to my life,
Trying to fight today with swiss knife
And I still wish some more of what is lost,
To enjoy that stupidity in my thoughts.

Yes, it used to be fun.