When Mindfulness gets in the way of Honesty

2014 was called ‘the year of mindfulness’.

What does this mean? Maybe this implies that in 2014 a whole lot of “nothing” got done. (Also probably why the ‘coming apocalypse’ is running a little behind schedule.)

The real question for me is not what is mindfulness but what is an honest mind. In other words what is an ‘UNMIND’.

Here are some related questions:

Can honesty exist within the mind space?

Is it possible to portray and perceive things as they are instead of as we like them to be?

Is our own idea of ‘justice’ getting in the way of ‘honesty’ both in perception and in portrayal?

What kind of a mind is required to see ‘Truth’ and its various complexities?

In beginning to answer some of these questions hopefully, we can begin to UNMIND the world…one mind at a time.

Here’s a film that brings to light a case of perception vs. portrayal.

“Garbage Man’” by Thai Life Insurance

Questions to ponder over after watching this film:

How do you think the teacher/fellow classmates would have perceived this child before his story was revealed to them. What is the general perception of a child who misses school?

What is the science behind the alter ego? Why does this child create “the garbage man” as his alter ego? Do we all have alter egos?

Then, is the alter ego a ‘mind tool’ by which we guard our own truer and kinder self-image against a cruel, harsh, opinionated and judgemental world?

Why is the world’s portrayal of us different from our own self-portrayal? Can these differences be reconciled? Should they be reconciled? (Ex: In this film, the teacher’s perception changes and she recognises the child’s self portrayal as valid.) What factors contribute to such successful reconciliation?

These are just a few initial observations/questions. More ‘Honest Minds’ can inquire further :)

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