For few days now I have been feeling down about myself... feels like I have let my parents down because they really do so many thanks things for me and I like the most insensitive person... is known to least care about anything they keep saying. I love them with all of my heart... I know i am growing older.... but doesn’t mean that my goal only has to be with getting married, coz truly speaking... I am NOT interested in it right now.... I do not want to lead a dependant life... I like my independence... my parents have always been supportive of my studies and whatever I planned to do but all of a sudden why do they have this urge to get me married off??? and the worst thing about it is... they want to do it for the uncaring society which they think matter the most and not what I would like to do.
I know that I am not super successful... or beautiful.. but I too have a wanting to be a way... find a man .... yes(I like this older friend/ colleague who I feel has this notion that people who he might actually love would feel the burden in the later stage of life...which I thoroughly feel is unnecessary) anyway... moving on... I want to live in a different country on my own and work... and find someone who I rely like and vice versa.... because I don’t believe in typical Indian culture where the rejection happens with just looking at a picture of the girl/ guy and build a perception around it. So if that’s the case, why don’t you find a dumb doll and get married and do what you wish to it. serves well for the typical society.
Apart from this, I think for Indian girls it is typical that at the end of this phase, she will marry a person who she feels is right and doesn’t know weather he is right. irony of life.
I know for a fact that, I would be one of such ladies who would have an arrange marriage, scared, compromised, tamed, sculpted to an extent where the guy does not have his own goals and lives with his parents. I am not against men supporting and taking care of their parents but am against them not having a sense that they should be independent and live their dreamt live with their partners. I know for a fact that, most of them would actually agree on anything I say... but yet it’s the sour truth.