Today in this world, millions of users are dependent on their mobiles. The increased usage and rapid development of mobile apps is a clear indication for the need to test them thoroughly before releasing them to the market. For every standalone app or web-based app, you will find a mobile app version. Apps are now even being incorporated into cars, wearable tech, and home appliances.

Testing mobile apps are much more complex if we compare testing Web and Desktop Apps. …

What does testing and quality assurance look like in an agile environment? How can we ensure that during the limited time that we have in a sprint we can deliver software that is functionally correct and fit for purpose and delivers value for customers?

In my 10 years of Experience where I spent around 5 years in an Agile Environment, I have seen different attitudes to testing. Some have the testers running a sprint behind, some having a story testing on the backlog, some have SDETs and some have manual only testers. …

Madhurjya Cheleng

Subject Matter Expert in Globant India-Quality Engineering Studio, Certified ScrumMaster®

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