Social media marketing is one of the most important online marketing tools. Through various social media platforms, businesses can share the content by creating graphics or gifs on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, WhatsApp and many more to boost your business.

Madhur Maini Social Media Marketing

Currently, social media has become a powerful tool and is used by people worldwide. Over millions of users are there on different social media platforms. Businesses mostly use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube for marketing the products or services. In India, social media marketing is more powerful than other modes of online marketing. Social media…

Madhur Maini the founder and Director of Maini Technology Services which is a well-known and a reputed company in IT Sector. Maini Technology Services has various services to offer like Digital Marketing, web designing and development and app development to its clients. Digital marketing is a kind of advertisement to promote the organizations on digital platform via various digital channels such as social media, email, mobile applications, search engines, web applications, websites, or any new digital channel. Google and Facebook is the biggest example for generating more revenue than any traditional company because they have more eyeballs on them and…

Madhur Maini, the founder of Maini Technology Services is an excellent businessman and an IT specialist. He established Maini Technology Services with an objective that all businesses can leverage the benefits of online marketing tools.

Madhur Maini — Founder

Madhur Maini Consulting is the leading IT consulting organization in India. Established in 2019, this organization offers excellent IT consulting services for every domain. Within a short span, the organization has a wide range of customers across the worldwide and each client is a testimony to its superb work experience.

Madhur MAini
Madhur MAini

When it comes to IT consulting; be it design, development, strategy, marketing, and other deliverables, Madhur Maini Consulting is the emerging start up that helps any organization to set up its IT infrastructure in an efficient way. …

Madhur Maini — Your IT Partner and Saviour

Within a short span of establishment in IT, Madhur Maini Consulting provides excellent IT services offering strategy creation, information security assurance, system integration and building up infrastructure assuring smooth and effective digital services improving the experiences of the customer. We envision keeping up with the strategy of our customers along with the long-term goals. Madhur Maini Consulting is reliable and agile utilizing the latest technology tools achieving the desired upshots. Our services include the following:

· IT strategy consulting

· Digital transformation

· Digital customer experience consulting

· System integration

Our team…

Madhur Maini

Madhur Maini is the founder of the Madhur Maini Consulting and providing SMS services. Madhur Maini is a big name in the services industry.

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