Hey folks, what’s up? In this blog, we will learn how to create a job scheduler in Spring Boot application with an unique example. So, without any further discussion let’s dive into the topic.

As always, we’ll create a project from start.spring.io. With just a simple setup of the Spring Boot application, we can create as many schedulers as we want. The required dependencies are captured in the below image.

Let us consider an example and we will walk through it in the entire blog. This is purely based on my experience. Say we have a microservice that can export…

Hey folks, what’s up? Let’s build up a server application using Spring Boot that is secured with Spring Security. Before that, the reason I’m writing this article is I struggled a lot in understanding the whole architecture of Spring Security and the token-based authentication when I started working on it and after successful output, I thought I can share this with everyone. So I’m creating this tutorial. And by the way, I’m not gonna explain the whole architecture here as the title says. So, if you wanna know about the architecture, I have given the official document link at the…

Hey folks, in this blog we are going to build a server application, using Spring Boot, that will be used to upload and store files in it. This can be any file, but I’m gonna explain it with a simple text file. I’m using Ubuntu 18.04, but this is common to all operating systems. Let’s get started.

But before going further, I assume you already know the below points.

1. Gradle
2. Spring Boot
3. Java 8

Let’s create a new project from start.spring.io. I have added only two dependencies, web and Lombok.


We will start by…

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Hey folks, when you are working on Front end technologies like ReactJS or Angular, you may also depend on server side code like NodeJS or Spring Framework and also complex database queries. This is cumbersome as you will have to develop both back end code and front end code, but your main focus is on the client side. Of course there can be back end developers. But what if the back end is not ready. What to do now? Do you really wanna proceed or give up? Let’s see..

Use something like JSON Placeholder to solve your problem. This is…

Hey folks, first of all short intro about me. I’m a beginner Software Developer who always love to learn new technologies. I started my career in 2018. I’d love to teach what I learn. I’m working as a Full Stack Developer. The tech stacks I use are ReactJS, Spring Boot, PostgreSQL and NodeJS. End of intro. Okay, let’s dive into the topic.

This is fully based on my experience about writing tests. When I started my career, I was thinking, “Why should a Developer write tests?”. After few months I realised that writing tests can help us deliver good quality…


24 y/o Software Developer. I work with Java, Spring Boot, React, Node, PostgreSQL and AWS

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