I am Terrified to be Content

Should we always stand out?

I am terrified to be content, I am afraid that I may be in the wrong place, doing wrong thing, while THE THING I am ment to be is something else.

Seeing everyone talking about how they have found their true fashion and destined profession, how they are changing the world, I am devastated, not knowing whether I am in the right track.

I am a normal person- over-achiver in education, have a well established career in academics and am spending my mid 20s with a stable income and an awsome life partner. I have a good income, living in a city with best conditions and opportunities- Nothing to complain right? Actully I am well on track even in my bucket list for travel, reading (which are the 2nd and 3rd loves of my life, just behind my family). So what is wrong?

Is this the curse of being the millennials? I know I am not alone, lot of my friends and colleagues are facing this dilemma- to have everything, yet feel empty.

Everyday we listen or read about the inspirational stories from high achivers, social media feed the all the good things happen to people around us. Even the commercials on hair shampoo reminds us that we should work towards achieving our dream (and that sleek & shiny hair can help). In her TED Talk, Anne Lammot- the inspirational writer, tells “try not to compare your insides to other people’s outsides”. Is that the problem, is this constant feed of other people’s stories that make us less worthy?

Or can it be real? Can it be that we are doing injustice to the world, by not using our knowledge, health and capabilities to do great things? Is it a sin to be content and spend a simple life, when there are so many issues to solve, out there in the world?

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