Do not know it realise it

Dont assumes if you really want to Realised anything.For Realise something you must be free from assumption.If you ask me my mathematics you may feel opposite but I never want to lie ,if you are atheist may be someday you may became theist.There is no contradiction between atheist and theist.Atheism is first step to becoming theist.If anybody allows me I will make all children theist i will gave them curiosity, questions, egarness to find something and fill every child mind tell him to Realize not Assume anything and Dont stop untill you realised something.If Jesus know he will reach,if Buddha know he will reach but there realisation cant be our realisation we have find our own way.If you realize then and then you will reach.For all this your prejudices must be erased first.Eased all your assumtion what others imposed on you clean you slate,wash it,and make your books pages empty first.If you able to Do that in that emptiness comes real rays of god.Empty book means empty mind who have know assupmtion and prejudices.Make your mind Free from all assumption ,Dont know the name of jesus then only you may realise Jesus after that only you will realised jesus.People says worship of gods vanishes because name of jesus vanishesh because there are so much middleman between you and god such as father, pop,pandits,imam.There are so much crowd between you and god that you see only back of people how you see face of god remove this crowd.When you go to church you may bow to god but your ego may not bow.When There is people around you make show off that you praying is true and genuine.In my town there was jain Temple where people Gathered for 10 days but that 10 days are those days when people are not doing any productive work,they free from their economical activities.So in that free days if people get anything free why they left that.When there are most people around people try to project himself true worshiper he dance,sing these those people when nobody in temple he silently stand and go home.But crowd activate to sing and dance ,they get out of control.I aks them why you not sing and dance when nobody in temple he says what is fun in that when nobody,there is very few occasion when we get chance to dance and sing so why we left that.So in any gods home may be you bow your head but your ego never bow down so i will say it is you worshiping your egoness not god.Thank