Day 2 — Apr 12, 2017
Yajna reflection questions
Sowmya Gopal

Hari Om!

Day 2 Reflections

1. Shravana has been derived from the mythological character “Shravan” who personifies devotion. Shravan vowed his sincere service, duty, and devotion to his parents. The evolution of devotion is pure love with a egoless purpose.

2. The three strings signify thought, word, and action. The knot signifies the infinite Brahman.

3. To be appreciative towards our parents we need to express our devotion through unconditional gratitude.

4. I evoke joy by being joyous. I know that I am joyous when I am egoless.

5. To sublimate jealousy we need to practice contentment, positive thinking, and compassion.

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