I started practicing daily yoga in 2001 when i was living in Santiago de Chile. My soul listened to the call since my mum practiced yoga with jazz and classical music vinyl when she was pregnant back in 1974. Both my dad and mum are loving, generous, compassionate, kind souls who love arts, music, film, books , people and life so i have that in my dna. Since then i have never left the yoga practice and i met different teachers and masters around the world, all inspiring and different from each other. In 2008 i decided to attend Jivamukti Yoga teacher training in the Omega center in NY and i got a certificate that was challenging; i studied scriptures, anatomy, sanskrit... After that i started teaching and travelling, decided to read a bit less, watch less films and live more my life, my experiences at a rythm that connected with my soul. From all my years living and travelling abroad i have learned that my soul is flagless and that humans are that: humans desiring to be loved living a human experience. Above all i observed that we all have much more in common: when you travel a lot you miss a home, when you are young you want to get older, when you are too skinny you want to gain some weight, when you have no time you wish you had time, when you are single you desire and when you are commited you wish you had more freedom. So all this inspired me to create my own yoga method: madhuyoga. Madhuyoga is a vinyasa flow yoga practice that focuses in healing and opening the heart so that we remove what we no longer need and create space for the new. Madhúyoga is a dynamic practice where you sweat while you listen to music, you are free to dance your asanas with your own rythm. Madhúyoga does not take too seriously many things since the only TRUTH is LOVE so anything that does not vibrate in that frequency has an expiration date. Expect a dynamic practice where there is chanting, asana sequence and I am meditation inspired by Wayne Dyer but spiced by madhú. Please visit LOVE YOU and wish you INFINITE HAPPINESS. I also recommend you to slowly give up eating any animal since we humans do not need it and they the animals deserve to be happy and free too.

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