Sexy Green Days

The… why we do the things we think.

Through my life experiences i have learned that everyone does and acts with a reason. Some people might look distracted to you but the truth is that everything we do regardless of our conciouss state is done with a purpose. Believe it or not we are all perfectly connected and we are all part of a unity in constant change an evolution that means that any interaction you are experiencing, any action that someone else is having towards you is always done for the best and guiding you. We might be unable to understand this if we are only fixated in the idea that everything has to go the way we want it to be. When we accept fully our self, situation and circumstances and drop any resistance we are able to understand and even see how all our life events and people that we meet along the way are very important at all times and we must learn to respect and love them as they are woithout excuses. Crytical thinking might seem important but does love beat critical thinking? Yes, love beats crytical thinking because we can understand that the obstacle we might face is that due to our prejudices we are unable to understand and see the gifts and the light on others. Sexy Green Days invite us to observe our mind and thoughts we have and we have become attached to them thinking are part of ourselves so we can polish our thoughts so that the mind becames crystal clear and then we can see and observe situations, people and things from a more enlightened point of view. Then we became more free and peaceful. Meditate twice a day for 20 minutes so you can start feeling and experiencing how the mind becames more pristine and clear.