Sexy Green Days

Feel & Feel Good

When i was teaching yoga to actors in Belgium the first conversation i had with Alex, from NYC and the director of the program had to do with our capacity to feel as actors and humans. Good actors need to develop the feeling muscle so they can transmit to us making us feel emotions. If we want to live in a state of bliss and enjoy to the fullest this life and all of the experiences we are meant to live we have to allow ourselves to feel. At some point in our lives we sart paying more atention to all the messages that we are given from our parents, religions, books, teachers, friends, dogmas, cults, schools, universities, coorporations and we might get a bit lost and confused disconnecting ourselves from our essence and in a way we close up to feeling, to life. It may happen to us that at some given point in our lives we decide is better to numb ourselves with darkness: drugs, alcohol, food, sex, tv, shopping…whatever…and we deny ourselves to feel. Feeling equals life. Feeling does not know of prejudices, it has a free spirit and its alligned with love, true love. We are not here to be perfect, we are here to be real and authentic and in order to be authentic you have to allow yourself to feel. When this happens magic starts to unfold in unexpected ways and our eyes shine brighter because we are alligned with the life force. The only thing we have to do is let go of everything we have learned and stop clasifying people and situations as good and bad and start to feel. When we open up and feel then we can only feel good. Feel good not as an ordinary state but as an extraordinary sate of being. We are already free here, we do not belong to anyone neither to any book, teacher, rule, dogma, we belong to this Universe of infinite possibilities. Feel and feel it all.