How technological advancement has stopped killers cold

In the 1970s and 1980s, one man terrorized Californians by prowling residential areas and committing over 50 rapes, and ultimately 12 murders. Residents slept with weapons under their pillows, took turns keeping watch at night, and stopped walking their dogs at night. Somehow, despite dozens of reports of encounters with the predator, police and investigators could not track down the man responsible.

The terrifying ‘Original Night Stalker’, who struck in the dead of night, sneaking up on people who were sound asleep, and committing horrible acts on them, has roamed free for the past 40 years.This was before the time of internet searches, or social media, and most of what authorities had to go on was various conflicting reports on his appearance, shoe prints, and rough sketches. …

My top 5 takeaways thus far

We’ve officially reached the last week of our classes. …

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Coming in as a newbie to Framer, I decided to start at something I saw as small and seemingly simple — animating a button. Working on the premise of appreciating someone, or ‘tipping your hat’ at them — I knew I wanted something that felt a little playful and surprising, but also recalled some classic, personal tones.

So I found my hat:

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You can find this lovely icon by Luke Firth here.

Since I’m new to framer and don’t understand coffee script very well, the first thing I did was:


Maria Diodati

Product/UX Designer at TrackVia, Inc. Designing low code software to empower workers to build their own solutions and work smarter.

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