5 Ways of Building Quality backlinks to your Blog In 2016

Back linking is the best option to improve the ranking of your blog or a website. But if you can’t use good back linking techniques then it can affect your ranking. In order to increase your blog ranking in SERP’s, you must know the higher domain authority website and the main thing which matter is Quality Back-Linking for a Good PR.

Here are five techniques that will help you improve the ranking of your blog and a website.

1) Guest blogging:

Guest blogging is the famous way to improve your website ranking. It is a procedure in which a blog or website accept the content of another author. Consequently, the writer will get a link to the page or site he/she needs either in the writer bio or in the article itself.

But before writing a guest blogging, these points should be kept in mind.

Do not backlink your blog to your homepage

Always write high-quality content according to your own area of interest so that everyone will love to publish your blog on their own blog website.

Check rules and regulations on the best way to arrange your Guest post and what number of connections is to be incorporated into the post.

2) Forum Posting:

Forums are another good method to improve the ranking of your websites. It is the method where individuals go to talk and discuss a specific query and examine a few issues posted by different people. Under your Knowledge of the field thereby giving replies to questions and having a link to your site in your discussion profile. It will help you in recovering an astounding connection. It is one of the best places where cooperation of similarly invested individuals meets up to talk about. We should simply to be a dynamic part of the Forum identified with our blog’s specialty in this way; it will draw in more clients and different bloggers too.

Some online forums are:

· Digital Point Forum.

· Yahoo Answers

· bloggerforum.com

· warriorforum.com

· Ask Blogger

3) Commenting

Do not hesitate for commenting because blog commenting is the best way to increase traffic and create back linking. Commenting on different web journals has many advantages. It is, in reality, the less complex and most ideal approach to work backlink for your blog. Commenting on web journals alongside your blog URL will make a back link to your URL, however, it ensures the blog is “do-follow.”By commenting, you can enhance your popularity and connections with other bloggers. It helps in producing an important backlink to your blog. It won’t just help you in external link establishment, additionally help you increment activity.

4) Document sharing websites:

This is the another considerable approach to get high quality backlinks to your blog, just by making and presenting our blog entries to report sharing websites. The links from most archives sharing websites are additionally “do follow “. You can without much of a stretch do this by changing over all your blog entries as PDF records and transfer documents of PDF converter to distinctive report sharing websites and along these lines leaving back connections to your web page.

· Slideshare

· Docstoc

· Scribd

These are the best websites which have good Google ranking in SERP. Other Important ways of building quality natural backlinks in 2016 are:

· Making Infographics

· Join Facebook Groups

· Run Giveaways

· Submitting to article directories

· Video Marketing

5) Social media activity:

Making profiles on social media networks and setting joins on interpersonal organizations for your site makes it simple for individuals to discover your site or content that you have made. Here are some good social media sites.

· Digg

· Reddit

· Delicious

· Stumbleupon

Hopefully, this will help you to understand that how to improve the ranking of your blog.