The Tech Academy teams up with an Educator, Filmmaker & Inventor

We, The Tech Academy have the privilege of having on board with us three spectacular and talented individuals as our advisers. In our journey of ups and downs as we trudge up our mountain of big hopes, dreams and aspirations, we feel lucky to have these mentors to guide us. You can read on below to find out what they do with their lives and how we feel inspired by them.

Sakar Pudasaini is a technologist and an educator. He is the founder of Karkhana (, a makerspace and an education company, based in Kathmandu, Nepal. The technologist in him sees that the world he lives in is malleable, both in the material and cultural senses. Thus in his opinion, the world shifts and changes according to those who discover the tools that work. His work as a teacher is also inspired by the same ideology, in that he aspires for his students to also adopt a similar mindset and the necessary equipment to shape their own worlds. TTA feels a close connection to Karkhana and its outlooks on the world.

He is a Visiting Assistant Arts Professor at the Interactive Media Arts program at NYU Shanghai where he teaches a class called ‘Making Education’. Sakar was also part of the founding team of GalliGalli (, a not-for-profit focused on making it easier for citizens to access public services, by collecting and distributing process information about government services. Although he has completed his undergraduate studies from John Hopkins University for a while now, he hasn’t ceased learning about all that interests him from anywhere and everywhere.

Dina Hossain has been a filmmaker for over 20 years now, making documentaries for TV broadcasters and independent markets. Starting off her career with American Masters at PBS’ flagship station Thirteen/WNET, she went on to win an Emmy for co-producing Leonard Bernstein: Reaching for the Note. Other works she co-produced include documentaries for New York Times Television (The Other Side of Outsourcing: Thomas L. Friedman Reporting. Dina has field-produced films for the BBC, Discovery Channel, PBS, Frontline and ABC News and Nightline and has also worked on feature films including the Cannes award winning film The Clay Bird. Currently based in Bangladesh, she produces communications videos and infographic animations for local and international NGOs. Her work has taken her around the world to countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Israel, Nigeria, Kenya and Malaysia. She holds a Masters of Arts from New York University in Visual Anthropology and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton University in Public Policy.

Nazmus Saquib is an applied mathematician turned inventor and designer, who is currently pursuing a PhD in the Social Machines research group at the MIT Media Lab. His research focuses on building intelligent machines that empower humans and human networks. Saquib builds RF sensor technology and machine learning algorithms to understand how humans learn and work together, starting from social learning in early childhood classrooms to formation of sects in Islamic history. Additionally, he founded and directs KolpoKoushol and Bangladesh in Data, two initiatives that respectively promote interdisciplinary research and data-driven thinking in Bangladesh.

The Tech Academy’s vision, among other things, is to redefine education through technology. Tech Academy also looks to present Bangladesh with a new reason to celebrate. As is apparent, these three people have interests and expertise in diverse fields. What they have in common however, is that they all work with passion and dedication. We look forward to building and furthering symbiotic relationships with each other as we all look to better ourselves, contribute to the world and achieve our dreams.

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