Mera Ghaflat mein dooba dil badal day by Junaid Jamshed — ARY Digital

Junaid Jamshed was born in Karachi to Jamshed Akbar, a Captain in the Pakistan Air Force.After graduating from a international boarding high school in Yanbu’ al Bahr in Saudi Arabia,Jamshed wanted to join the Pakistan Air Force to become a pilot. However his weak eyesight prevented this. He then entered the UET in Lahore, where he took mathematics and physics before declaring his major in mechanical engineering. In 1990, For More Vedios.

Jamshed gained a Bachelor of Science degree, graduating in mechanical engineering. With his father’s influence, he was employed by the PAF as a civilian contractor and moved on to a short-lived career in aeronautical engineering in the PAF’s science command.











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