BE The Reason Someone Smiles Today

I want to get started blogging. I want my blog to be a happines blog and the things we can do to get an attitude adjustment when we just can’t scrape ourselves off the ground. I want to talk about everything that can make a smile or laugh happen, because laughter is healing, and smiles are afree face-lift. iwant to talk about or share everything from espresso, yummy movie quotes, the beat or tempo of song changing our energy frequency,the joy of blowin-bubble girlfriend time whether it’s eating a vanilla cupcake or walking la fortune park instead of going home and yellin at the “fam.” to inspiring stories of veterans and their pets, for instance, the book “puppy chow is better then prozac”, and the zany pet videos out there that make us laugh, change our mind, re-define our day because just like Sofia in “Vanilla Sky”: “evey passing moment is another chance to turn things back around” and it’s true hope is everything, smiles bring hope, and joy…, the language of animals, vanilla cupcakes, blowin bubbles,being the smile on someone’s face, are all the difference maker’s.