00 Days Without Accident

At what time in your life are you so comfortable that you need to cause some chaos. A scandal premeditated to cure boredom. Purposefully pushing the doomsday botton just to see what would happen.

August was when I fist wrote about hooking up with my ex. Now almost January I’m still ridding his dick into the sunset. A true emotional toll on him and a quick way for me to get off. It’s so incredibly selfish but I have nothing better to do. I’ve never been the type to be laying in bed with someone while making plans with someone else. To make a password so he doesn’t see the adultery.

He calls me about his problems, I laugh. I ask him to sleep over, he comes. He tells me about his dreams, I go on Instagram. I ask him to eat my pussy, he does.

I care about him so much, yet revenge is best served with a cherry on top. And I can only cum on top.

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