A Green New Deal for Delaware

It’s time to take climate seriously in the lowest-lying state in the nation

We Need To Set a Bold Plan to Move to Renewables

Move to 100% renewable energy by 2050

Preserve and expand carveout for solar energy

Create a comprehensive plan for clean energy and clean transportation

We Need To Make Sure The Benefits of a Green Economy Go To Everyone

Create a Green Bank to provide funding for renewable energy

Expand grants and subsidies for community solar

Expand programs to retrofit old buildings

Provide education, apprenticeships, scholarships for the renewable sector

We Need To Ensure That Every Delawarean Has a Right to a Clean Environment

Pass a Green Amendment to make clean air and water a right

Require cumulative health risk assessments for new industry

Create new protections that ensure that aggregate effects of local industries are considered before any new developments are approved

We Need To Protect Our Natural Resources

Require that every public-owned property have a native pollinator garden when feasible

Strengthen complete communities legislation

Create a comprehensive plan to expand walkable/bikeable infrastructure