7 Tips for Negotiating to Get What You Want

Madison Plumb
Jul 13 · 3 min read
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Whether you’re looking to get an increase in your salary or to win a game of Monopoly, negotiation skills are key. The following are 7 tips for you to implement while negotiating in order to improve your chances of getting what you want the next time you ask for something.

1. Mirror Your Opponent

Empathy is an important tool to utilize in negotiations. Listening to your opponent and repeating what they said back to them allows them to feel like they have been heard and understood. This in turn makes it seem like what you are asking for is also in their best interest.

2. Utilize Deep Listening

Usually when you’re having a conversation with someone you have the next thing you are about to say ready to go in your mind. When someone is talking to you in a negotiation scenario clear your mind. This creates an air of empathy for the opponent and will allow the opponent to hear what they are saying. Eventually they will hear themselves speaking and

3. Don’t be afraid to drop the “F” word

Let your opponent know you are just asking for what’s fair. This will cause them to question if what they are proposing is fair and be more open to renegotiating until you have reached a conclusion of what you think is fair.

4. Ask “How?”

Ask your opponent questions that cause them to think about how you are able to do what they have requested. It will cause them to evaluate their request and realize that there might be a better way to go about what you’re doing.

5. Silence is Powerful

Utilize silence to emphasize your points and make your opponent uncomfortable. If you pause before replying to an offer and after you give an offer, this creates a sense of urgency for the second party to break the uncomfortable silence. This can cause them to prematurely close a deal that is in your favour.

6. Offer a Range

When negotiating in monetary terms, offer your opponent a range of what you’re willing to accept, with your desired value at the bottom of the range. This technique is effective because it rationalizes the amount you are asking for and makes it seem reasonable, even if that might not be the case. By proposing a range you also seem less strict about your required offer and therefore easier to work with.

7. Provide a Deadline

A sense of urgency is created by providing a deadline for a deal. Think of how clothing companies market clothing sales. SALE ENDS IN 24 HRS! FINAL SALE OF THE SEASON! This creates a sense of urgency in buyers to purchase something from that store even if they weren’t planning on doing so mainly because there is a deal and it will end soon. The same logic can be used when negotiating with someone in your real life.

The next time you find yourself in a negotiation, practice these tips and see if it helps you to get what you want!


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