On what should happen if the unthinkable happens

Haaaaaaaaa ha ha aha haha, *cough*, *snort*, *breathe through nose*, *pause to catch breath*… tsssssssss…. Tsssssss , BWA HA Ha *hack* *hack* teeeeee heee heee heee ssssssss ssssss *hack* *cough* *pee*…. On a more serious note. Quick question? Are you serious? Did the Russians collude with Trump to mind control Hillary into saying “basket of deplorables” too. C’mon man!!! Your embarrassing yourself. Take a moment, close your eyes, evaluate your intentions/goals then ask yourself, is this really the shortest route between point A and point B? I’m tired, but I’m getting quite a kick out of writing this right now. Just remember though, people read this stuff and when they go to the polls in 2020 they’re going to remember this and and all of the other garbage the msm has been feeding to the useful idiots…