Co-authored by Ugo Bot, the FUTURE OF WORK LAB

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A small group of people is standing in front of a whiteboard: they are intensively listening to Marco, who is describing what it feels like to have a respiratory crisis, while at home waiting for the hospital to call you in for surgery.

The four people standing alongside Marco are a dentist, a nurse working at the city hospital’s intensive care unit, a startupper developing a messaging app, and a professional obstetrician, who has been working as a caregiver for a close relative.

The setting is a FabLab that feels a lot like a garage: concrete floor, hard thick wooden tables, mechanical tools on the wall. Marco’s group is standing right next to an impressive actual size prototype of a self-driving, electric pod that promises to revolutionize the way we move around in cities. …

by Ugo Bot & Madison Bonovich - cofounders at the Future of Work Lab

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Future of Health Microlab

“Stefania has just left the hospital following a heart-transplant surgery; on her phone a virtual assistant connected to a multidisciplinary team of doctors and A.I algorithms that will provide personalized guidance to her food, drugs and exercise regime throughout the rehabilitation period.

Once a week, Stefania meets virtually with a doctor, who appears as a “hologram” at her place. …


We, at The Future of Work Lab, have spent the past 5 years taking on the challenges of the future of work by running intensive bootcamps on product innovation and emerging technologies (blockchain and artificial intelligence); and by designing accelerator programs with start-ups, universities, company executives, and government officials.

We have worked in over a half a dozen places around the world: from the heights of San Francisco de Quito — Ecuador, to the shores of San Francisco, California; from the hillsides of the Veneto region in Italy; to the flatlands of the Netherlands; and in the resilient cities in the Middle East. …


Madison Bonovich

Cofounder of The Future of Work Lab- a Talent Accelerator. Working on closing the Skills Gap in the era of AI and Automation.

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