Blog: College Concerns

We all have many college concerns even before starting college. One that happens to concern me the most is time management. Sometimes I tend to think I’m good at time management but other times I start to worry. Many students struggle with making time for school, work and other activities . They don’t use time effectively for what needs to be done. I can relate to this because I can get distracted easily or want to stop working when I think of something else that needs to get done or forgot to do and then I will leave the task i’m on to tend to something else. For example some chores that were suppose to be done earlier that I didn’t get done but need to get down. Other times I want to sleep in but then regrets it because I could be doing school work. Sometimes it’s hard to sit down and do school went you can’t stay still of forced because of personal things going on in my life. I do know that my school work is more important than looking at my phone when I get a notification or if a friend wants to go out. Other times I think i’ll be okay if I spend time doing something other than school work and then figuring out maybe it wasn’t the best idea. You have to prioritized use your time more effectively and not waste it. Sometimes when I don’t understand a topic my mind will wander and miss topics being said. Having a positive and motivated mindset can help you adjust easily. I’ve noticed there are many distractions in college that you have to be responsible and choose what is better to do. My father has even told me time management is very important even at work he can struggle with it having to meet deadlines, design projects and meet with customers every week. This has taught me that time management will always be apart of my life and getting better at it when I’m younger can help me in the future. I myself should work on my time management even when I have multiple things going on in my life.

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