Thankful for What?

Blog: Thankful for What?

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. Not only just because of the yummy food but because it’s a special day I get to spend time with my family. Yes many holidays are spent with my family but on thanksgiving it’s just different. Thanksgiving is relaxing because we eat our delicious food prepared and then hang out with our family catching up on our daily lives. You’re not worried about the rush of christmas or opening presents. You simply just get to spend time eating and talking with your relatives. Each thanksgiving Im thankful for spending time with my family.

Throughout the year we are all so busy running around and don’t think much about spending time with family. We spend time together on special occasions or holidays but never just a day to spend family time together. My relatives are all pretty close and we love to chat about what’s going on. When thanksgiving comes around we all gather at grandma and grandpas house. They know how to bring us all together because of their warm welcoming and scrumptious food and cooking the turkey that no one likes to do. The day of thanksgiving morning I get a little excited knowing that my all of my family is going to be spending time together. Sometimes I think about the families that aren’t close or don’t have any family to celebrate thanksgiving with which make me even more thankful knowing I have my family to spend it with. I’ve lost some close family members so I know how important it is to spend time with them.

Thanksgiving gives us an excuse to hang out with each other and share many stories and chit chat about things. For example talking about our sports events and the latest drama going on. It something I get to look forward to every year. Sitting in the family room or at the dining table with the ones who mean the most to me and are always there by my side. Also blessed with good health in my family. Thanksgiving will forever be a special time for me.

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