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Blog: Type of Reader

During my early childhood years I was never quite the reader. I only liked to read certain books of my interest which included realistic books. For example I use to read all of the Junie B Jones children’s book series written by Barbara Park books because they were funny to me and kept me engaged. I would read books at night time to help myself fall asleep and at school when I was told to. In elementary that was probably the most time in my life that I had read a lot of books. I liked the chapter books with pictures in them and Junie B Jones books included some pictures. We use to have to take home reading logs and that pushed me to read books. Then as I got older my reading pattern changed.

When I got to middle school I slowly lost interest in wanting to read. Whenever I read I had a hard time comprehending what I had just read, especially when it was non fiction book or a book that didn’t interest me at all. I remember forcing myself to read the book called Island of the Blue Dolphin for summer homework and some parts were just so boring and slow. It took me such a long time to read it but in the end I ended up appreciating the story.Reading a book would always take me forever and I would have a hard time wanting to pick up a book and read. When high school started I had to read more summer homework books. The one book out of all my summer homework I disliked was the hounds of the baskerville. It just didn’t interest me one bit and I thought it was too confusing to read because of so many things going on at once. Till this day I’m still not your average reader at the bookstore.Being in high school you have so much more work to do so it makes it hard for me to just sit down and read a book.

Reading just seems so relaxing to me and stress free. I’ve tried many times to sit down and read but I just seem to not be able keep reading. I would sit down and read a book but then start to think of all the other things I could be doing. For example my english comp homework or getting distracted by my phone. Sometimes I wish I could just sit down relax and read a book as a hobby. I would be sipping sipping some tea and trying to focus on my realistic book. Now I have a hard time finding a book of my interest and when I am reading something most likely it’s a book I’m forced to read for school. I can sometimes see myself reading young adult books with some crazy plot . Maybe someday I will be able to find a book that interests me and take time to sit down and read.

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