Me and my grandma doing a face swap. This shows gender because we are 2 generations of women in my family. We are both white and have red hair. We are in the lower-middle class and dont have a big house.
Im a white female from the US, and i have lived most of my life in California. I have never been out of the country. I like to explore whats nearby and go hiking. This is at the Redwood Forrest in Oakland.
This is me and my boyfriend, which shows that I am heterosexual and a female. I took this at Dominican, which shows that I am getting an education which puts me at a higher social status.
This is me and my boyfriend’s cat Coco, who yawned when i tried to take a selfy with him and I thought it was funny. This shows my gender and socioeconomic status.


The aspects of my identity that are visible are that I love my family, boyfriend, animals, and nature. It would be easy to tell those things just by looking at my photos. However, they dont show what my personality is like, or my fears or aspirations. Pictures only capture a single moment, and selfies only show what you want others to see.


These selfies are important to how others see me because, I wanted to take these so I could look back on moments in my life. Like most selfies, they were intended to be seen by others, whether its friends or family, or instagram followers. Having social media accounts means wanting to, or feeling pressure to show people parts of your life. It can make you more self conscious about how you portray yourself and what others will think. This is different from older generations because they didnt have the same social pressures to alter or hide parts of their identities on social media, they lived more in the moment instead of trying to show their whole identity in a selfy.


Everyone has an identity that is unique to them. I want to look past stereotypes and single stories so that I can see the parts of peoples identities that they allow me to. I think it is important to try to make honest human connections with people and I hope to do that with the kids I meet through service learning.

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