When You Have Mere Seconds to Make a Connection…

Nowadays, most people wanting to connect with a local church will start their search online.

“Advertising isn’t really for ministry.”

While this attitude may not be as prevalent today as it was 30, 60, 100 years ago, there still exists a tiny nugget of doubt in many ministries today. This nugget says that the only legitimate way to draw people into the Church is person-to-person, word of mouth evangelism. It’s true that ministry ultimately can’t succeed without committed Christians expressing their faith, serving the community, and seeking the lost. But when we look to connect with people and change lives, shouldn’t we be using all the tools at our disposal?

Don’t forget to include a call to action on your homepage, even if it’s an invite to coffee!

Part 1 (of 3): Helping Those Who Crave Connection

People want to belong. They also want to feel hope, safety, and security. Your church (hopefully) is a place where people can come to have these needs met. So how are they going to find your church? Before the online world, there was the local paper, word of mouth, and driving around the neighborhood.

There are a few design tips your website will need to follow to effectively connect with people.

  • First, ensure your site is easy to navigate.
  • Next, make sure your service times and location are clearly shown.
  • Finally, give an invitation.
Your congregation can also benefit from having a single tool to find local events.

Part 2 (of 3): Unifying Your Church Communication

There’s an old story in Genesis that reveals the power of speaking the same language. The tale of Babel also shows how quickly things can go helter-skelter when people can’t communicate effectively. Besides evangelism, your website is also a valuable tool for serving the community inside your church.

It’s okay to experiment! Try asking your congregation to help you test your website.

Part 3 (of 3): Discovering the Right Online Tools

Remember, it’s okay if one or two of your website ideas turn out to be a bust. Experimenting with online tools is the only way to find out what works (and doesn’t work) for your church congregation. If you want the process to go smoothly, deputize your members to help you test out new initiatives. After a few months, ask for their feedback and gauge your results. Rinse, repeat!

One Final Note

A church website doesn’t determine your ministry’s success, but it is a valuable tool for connecting with people who want and need to belong. If you can bring one more person to Christ by helping them find your church, isn’t it worth the effort? There are countless businesses and tools ready to help you craft an effective website.



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Madison McClure

Madison McClure

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