Understanding today’s consumer will equip your business for stronger digital marketing tactics in the coming years.

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One of these teenagers is a time traveler from the past.

Convenience is king (or queen). That’s the lesson that the last two decades of our online world has taught us. Even with all the would-be advancements in digital marketing technology, the most enduring trends are those that dial down on human motivation. Take this practical truth into consideration, and you’ll be able to tell the bankable opportunities from the marketing pitfalls.

With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at 3 key digital marketing trends that you need to grab onto for dear…

Almost any organization will benefit from search engine optimization, but is it truly essential for your category of business?

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From quirky coffee shops to discount clothing stores, these categories heavily rely on SEO.

Consumers depend (almost exclusively) on search engines to connect them with the services they need each day. Telling a company manager that they could benefit from search engine optimization (SEO) is tantamount to saying “Oh my gosh! You should totally make money!” That being said, not every company shares the same level of dependence on SEO.

If you’ve recently kicked off a business, or if you are looking to take an existing enterprise further, you already know that you will have…

Extensive customer databases and flashy reporting tools are nice, but it’s accountability that determines whether or not lead generation works.

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When is it safe to work with a middleman? Only when you have accountability.

“Eh, my cousin Tony. He knows a guy. He’ll help you out.” I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve heard this line in movies and/or TV. Somehow the main character always goes along for the ride. On occasion, Tony hits it out of the park with a solid business connection. But most of the time the main protagonist finds himself neck deep in the New York chapter of the Italian mafia.

Today’s real-life “cousin Tony” is the lead generation industry.

As a concept, lead generation services actually…

What is your church website doing to spread hope and belonging?

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Nowadays, most people wanting to connect with a local church will start their search online.

I was part of a small on-campus ministry in college. As a bright-eyed freshman, it was a thrilling opportunity to connect with other Christians and spread the Gospel. Sure, there was some jumping through organizational hoops, submitting paperwork, and attending school-mandated meetings, but I didn’t mind too much. There was one small hiccup though: we had difficulties spreading the word about our group to other students.

As the years rolled by, this problem didn’t go away. When I decided on a marketing & advertising major, it became clear to…

Your domain name is one of the most crucial elements of your future SEO strategy. Make sure you pick a winner!

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An easy to remember domain name helps consumers who are shopping on the go to find your brand.

Branding is a long distance race, without a doubt. You may hear the odd story here and there about the entrepreneur who fell, hit his head on the toilet and instantly thought of the Nike logo (that’s not how it happened by the way). In most cases however, branding is an exhausting cycle of brainstorming, testing, refinement and re-testing.

That’s what makes discovering your company domain name so refreshing. It’s a relatively simple process.

You don’t need a multinational…

Learn to master these three elements of content, and you’ll be kicking butt and taking orders in the online marketplace!

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Product & Service Pages are just one piece of the content pie.

About a month ago, I wrote about crafting an attractive website for your business. While quality content briefly came up in the discussion, I felt there was more to be said than a simple “Get good!” The challenge of compiling attractive messaging, photography and video is one that daunts many a startup. To beat it, your team’s gonna need a game plan.

On that note, let’s dive in to a fast and furious breakdown of the three core categories of…

World of Warcraft opened our eyes to the research potential of online gaming. In an industry that boasts billions of consumers, what other treasures can we unlock?

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How many of your favorite products do you dress up for?

2.3 billion. That’s the number of active gamers (worldwide) in the year 2018. With the advent and modernization of mobile gaming, industry revenues aggressively climb year over year. This year’s grand sum is on track to hit almost $138 billion. According to Newzoo.com, gaming (playing, viewing, and discussing) is now the world’s favorite pastime by number of hours spent throughout the year. So what are most businesses doing with this information?

Sitting on…

It’s not about giving up the reins. It’s about equipping yourself to make smart, informed decisions…

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Coaches Give You Tools to Effectively Pursue Your Goals.

Have you ever watched a kids soccer game? I’m not talking about third graders; those kids are scary. I’m talking about 2-year old toddlers. Armed with a couple loose guidelines about the sport, these tykes line up neatly together on the field, where a brave adult drops a ball and dives out of the way.

What happens next? Chaos. Adorable and hilarious chaos.

Half the kids bum-rush the ball, while the other half watch wide-eyed or turn and wave to their parents. Even with the field shrunken down to a fraction of…

Why wrestle for attention, when your readers will happily respond to a few magic words?

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“10 Jaw-Dropping Things She Said When She Thought No One Was Listening…”

Let’s be honest. We all want, need and crave attention. That’s what makes the world of blogging so enticing. Suddenly, any company (or freshly-minted college graduate) can be an industry expert, with thousands of readers waiting to consume their tantalizing content. There’s just one problem…

It’s flippin-hard to stand out!

Everyone but you has a catchy title and a cat story. How can anyone, let alone a business, make any real progress in connecting with their target audience? …

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