The Struggle Continues… and I Am Not Okay
Jessica Crowe

Jessica, thank you for beautifully articulating what many of us are feeling. I too have been struggling with the PTSD and the grief since the DNC convention. Most days it feels as if I am swimming through Jello in a world that seems not to care that the entire electoral process is a sham and a fraud.

Day 2 of the convention was the final nail in the coffin for me. Knowing the “breakfast voting” was taken place instead of an official Roll Call on the floor of the convention once the gavel had dropped. I stood there wondering how we all got to this place. Where you can just phone in a Roll Call vote, allow HRC delegates to kick back in their hotel rooms or lobby bars while we are still showing up and fighting. Not just fighting for our candidate, but fighting for the true meaning of democracy.

I wake and go to work, do my homework for my graduate program, show up for my partner and family but there is a part of my that wants to scream from the top of my lungs, “WAKE UP! WAKE UP!”

Democracy died in Philadelphia while millions of people watched a made for TV movie that was as fake as this entire primary election has been. Written, edited, and scripted for a TV audience that has no clue what is happening in our government, our election, and our lives.

You are grieving. I am grieving. American is grieving the death of democracy. We had the opportunity to elect an honest, caring and smart politician who actually wants to lend a hand to all Americans so we can pull ourselves out of the mire that we have fallen into. Unfortunately, they refused not just Bernie Sanders, or an incredible platform, but they refused the will of the people. They silenced half of the democratic party.

And no Sarah Silverman, I will not get over it. America will not get over it. We will mourn this loss for a very, very long time.