A Real Life V For Vendetta: Million Mask March Supporters Gather In Los Angeles

By Taiye Ojomo

A crowd of masked people gathered in front of City Hall in downtown Los Angeles today in support of the Million Mask March. Initiated by the hacktivist group, Anonymous, the protest is meant to raise awareness of alleged corrupt government policies and programs.

Today, the “Anons” gathered for the fourth-anniversary of the March. Since 2013, the group has been protesting against capitalist government, alleging their corruption, greed, and unfair treatment of the public. Some of their other concerns fall along the lines of police brutality, alleged government surveillance/spying programs and food/health issues.

One Anonymous protestor says the sole purpose of the march is to draw attention to such issues and make people aware of government corruption.

“We’re trying to wake people up to the injustices of the system, a system that’s inherently corrupt,” he says.

Initially, the group congregated online in public chatrooms, where they would hash out anti-government sentiments. But in 2012, the group took to the streets to speak out, and the first ever Million Mask March convened.

The protest happened in over 300 cities, and in every continent across the world. The Anonymous group has since been involved in several other community activist movements on various issues, including Free Palestine and Black Lives Matter.

Each year, the protest is held on November 5th, in commemoration of what many in Britain celebrate as Guy Fawkes’ Day; It marks the anniversary of the Gunpowder Treason Plot, when Englishman Guy Fawkes, failed to bomb the British Parliament and simultaneously kill King James I. At the march, many of the protestors do not disclose their names, and also wear mysterious masks that are symbolic of their rebellion against these alleged injustices of the government.

This year, a total of about 670 cities spread across the globe are expected to host the Million Mask March, with over 18,000 people are expected to show up for the protest in London alone.

Though Los Angeles will have a much smaller crowd, the message still remains the same.

“The mass police state in America has got to stop…and we want money out of politics,” a protestor says.

And with the many supporters expected to show up for the protest, police officials also gathered up in order to maintain a peaceful assembly. Last year, the nature of the protest centered around civil disobedience, which caused serious safety issues within the community.

Police officials are taking precautions to ensure that the same doesn’t repeat itself. Still, the Anonymous group say they are determined to be heard and spread a conscious awareness of the injustices no matter what, but hopefully without any real serious methods of doing so.

“We want radicalize the protest movement in this country, and really bring about real revolution. Hopefully, as bloodless as possible,” another protestor says.

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