You Have 150 New Emoji To Choose From

The ultimate iPhone update is about to arrive. Apple unveiled the iOS 9.1 update yesterday, which includes a lot of bug fixes, improvements to Live Photos, and — perhaps most importantly — 150 beautiful new emoji to choose from.

Almost every emoji category has new options— the smileys will feature a hugging face and a face with a much more clear eye roll (finally a way to be outwardly sassy instead of using the passive aggressive side eye emoji am I right?)

But let’s be real: what we’re all really focused on is the food. Now, you’ll be able to express your hanger by sending a beautiful burrito text, or by sending about 100 blocks of cheddar cheese to a friend in need of a little reminder of life’s simple pleasures. Popcorn, hot dogs and tacos are just a few of the other scrumptious images you’ll find once the update is available for users.

You can get all these ~hip~ ‘lil emoji by opening your iPhone and going to SETTINGS > GENERAL >SOFTWARE UPDATE. Make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi and that you have enough space on your phone for an update. You need about 300 MB to download the update.

(Notice, I don’t have enough space on my phone for the update, so I’ll be using the classic hair flip emoji until I clean up my iPhone)
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