Think of a word that means something to you.

Hope? Love? Fear? Grace? Freedom?

Why does it mean something to you? Who assigns a word such power? A word is simply a word. The power that it is given by each individual is from past experience and our own personal living we’ve each done around the word and the impact the thought has had on us.

It’s the emotion that we assign to the word that gives it meaning. And that same emotion is what creates our reality.

In understanding this idea of our individual power, we can also begin to grasp the idea that we have the power to create every part of our live exactly how we want to.

How is it that some people have everything together? They just seem so happy all the time, and regardless of circumstance, they keep a smile?

It’s because they understand the law of universal power.

When you decide to take control of the power that was given to you through human nature, you can decide to take life by its’ reigns and design your life exactly the way you want to.

Let’s go create! :)