Cruise Director

A cruise director is someone who is in charge of all the passengers on a cruise ship as well as supervising all activities around the ship. The job involves being an activities director who heads all of the events to go on around the ship. You deal with more than 2,000 passengers in one week typically.

John Heald, head senior cruise director for Carnival Cruise Lines, states that the job is harder than you think. He states that the job does not require any entertainment experience, but that you have to be prepared to listen and take criticism. He compared the job as not only being an activities director, but it is also like being the ringmaster at a circus.

Troy Linton, cruise director of Carnival Cruise Lines, states that his job is different everyday so it is hard to explain exactly what he does. Every day is a different day as a cruise director because some days you are in port and some days you are at sea. According to Linton, there is no such thing as a “typical” day as a cruise director.

Typically, as a cruise director you have to work your way up to the job. You won’t just get the job on the spot. You first have to start at the bottom as a member of the entertainment staff who work under the cruise director and then get promoted to cruise director after much experience.

A cruise director’s job is to worry about the passengers on the ship. They keep them busy with activities always happening around the ship, but also working a little bit as customer service to them as well. Communication skills are highly important for this job considering you deal with people daily.

The cruise director oversees the entertainment on the ship as well as the activities. They supervise the musicians, dancers, lighting and sound crews, etc. They are also in charge of making sure the passengers are having the best experience possible.

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